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Precautions for using Contact Grill


There are several important things to note when using Contact Grill:

Safe Operation: Before use, read and understand the instruction manual carefully to ensure correct operation of the device to avoid accidents. At the same time, be careful to avoid touching hot surfaces and burning yourself when using it.

Cleaning and Maintenance: Clean the Contact Grill regularly before and after use to avoid food residue or grease accumulation to keep the equipment hygienic and extend its service life. Make sure to wait until the device has completely cooled down before cleaning.

Preheating: Before using the Contact Grill, you generally need to preheat it and wait for the equipment to reach the appropriate working temperature before starting to cook food. This can ensure that the food is cooked evenly.

Avoid overcooking: Pay attention to the cooking time to avoid overcooking the food, which may lead to dryness or burning. It is recommended to adjust the cooking time according to the recipe and personal taste.

Food Preparation: It is recommended to cut ingredients into suitable sizes and add seasonings or lubricants as needed to enhance cooking results.

Ventilation and safe distance: Ensure good ventilation when using the Contact Grill and avoid flammable items near the equipment. At the same time, keep a certain safe distance during use to avoid heat sources causing burns or fire hazards to surrounding items.

Power off and clean: After use, turn off the power in time and wait for the device to cool down before cleaning and storing it to ensure that the device is in a safe state.

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