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What are the preparations for using a donut maker?


Before using your donut maker, there are some preparations that need to be done to ensure you’re making donuts that taste great and delicious. Here are the steps to prepare for using your donut maker:

Cleaning and disinfection: Make sure the donut machine is in a clean and sanitary condition, and thoroughly clean and disinfect all parts of the donut machine, including the body, molds, dough mixers, etc.

Prepare ingredients: Prepare the ingredients needed to make donuts, including flour, yeast, sugar, milk, eggs, etc., and prepare the appropriate amount of ingredients according to the recipe.

Calibrate the machine: According to the machine instructions, adjust the machine parameters and settings to ensure that the machine is working properly and meets the requirements for making donuts.

Preheat: Turn on the machine and preheat for a period of time to allow the machine to reach the appropriate operating temperature to ensure that the donuts are evenly heated.

Lubricate the mold: Before you start making donuts, apply a small amount of cooking oil or lubricant to the surface of the donut machine mold to prevent the dough from sticking.

Prepare the workbench: Prepare a workbench or operation table next to the donut machine to facilitate making donuts and placing the prepared donuts.

Operation precautions: When operating the donut machine, pay attention to safe operation, avoid touching the moving parts of the machine or high-temperature surfaces with your hands, and ensure a clean and safe operating environment.

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