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                  6 in 1 Sandwich Maker
                  • 6 in 1 Sandwich Maker6 in 1 Sandwich Maker
                  • 6 in 1 Sandwich Maker6 in 1 Sandwich Maker
                  • 6 in 1 Sandwich Maker6 in 1 Sandwich Maker

                  6 in 1 Sandwich Maker

                  Silen® is a professional leader China 6 in 1 Sandwich Maker manufacturer with high quality and reasonable price. This Shanlun 6 in 1 sandwich maker is a multi-functional kitchen appliance that can achieve six different cooking functions. It usually includes the functions of making sandwiches, omelettes, grilling meat, toasting bread, baking biscuits and baking biscuit bottoms. Compared with the traditional three in one sandwich maker, the six in one sandwich maker has more functions, allowing people to make more diverse foods in the kitchen.

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                  Product Description

                  Silen® is a professional leader China 6 in 1 Sandwich Maker manufacturer with high quality and reasonable price. The functional features of Shanlun 6 in 1 sandwich machine are as follows:
                  Versatility: Allows for six different cooking functions, including sandwiches, omelettes, grilled meat, toast, biscuits and biscuit bottoms. This makes it a very practical kitchen appliance that can suit different tastes and needs.
                  Convenient and Fast: Different types of food can be prepared easily. Rapid heating and efficient heating elements can quickly complete food cooking in a shorter time, eliminating the complicated steps and long waits of traditional cooking methods.
                  Simple operation: Simple and easy-to-understand control panel and buttons make operation easy. You just need to press the corresponding button, set the appropriate time and temperature, and the machine will automatically start cooking without too much manual operation.
                  Safety design: Anti-slip base and thermally insulated shell to prevent the machine from sliding or burning the user while working.
                  Easy to clean: The cooking plate with anti-stick coating makes it difficult for food to stick to it and is easy to clean. You can use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe the cooking plate and casing to keep the machine clean and hygienic.

                  Shanlun 6 in 1 sandwich maker Parameter (Specification)

                  Product Name 6 in 1 sandwich maker
                  Model SL-206(6-in-1)
                  Brand Silen
                  Origin China
                  Features 1.2-slice detachable sandwich maker
                  2.Non-stick coating plate: grill,triangle.waffle,donut,horseshoe,nut,hotdog
                  3.Thermostatically controlled
                  4.ONE pilot lights: power&ready
                  5.Cool touch housing,Skid-resistant feet
                  Power 220-240V 50/60Hz 850W
                  Unit Size 23.75*23.65*9.05cm
                  Plate Size 21.9*12.7cm
                  Unit Weight 2.85kg
                  color Red, white, black, silver or customized
                  Gift Box 26*14*34.5cm
                  Carton 54*44*37cm
                  Qty per ctn 6pcs/ctn
                  20’/40’/40HQ 1872/3960/4752

                  Shanlun 6 in 1 sandwich maker’s Application

                  Shanlun 6 in 1 Sandwich Maker has a wide range of application scenarios. Here are some common applications:
                  Making sandwiches: The most common use is to make sandwiches of various flavors. You can add a variety of ingredients like ham, chicken, vegetables, cheese, etc. to make a delicious sandwich.
                  Omelette and pancakes: It has a flat baking pan that can be used for cooking omelette and pancakes. You can make golden and crispy omelettes or pancakes with ease and convenience.
                  Barbecuing and grilling fish: The grill pan has a higher temperature and heat source, which is suitable for grilling meat and grilling fish. You can put meat or fish into the grill pan and cook it through heat conduction and radiation to create delicious barbecued meat or fish.
                  Toast bread and biscuits: Equipped with a baking tray or baking grid, which can be used to bake bread and biscuits. You can place slices of bread or crackers in a baking pan and heat them over high heat to make them crispy and delicious.
                  Baking the bottom of biscuits: The bottom baking pan has a textured design, which can be used to bake the bottom of biscuits so that they are evenly heated and baked with beautiful textures and crispy texture.

                  Shanlun 6 in 1 sandwich maker’s Details

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