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                  Non Stick Electric Panini Grill
                  • Non Stick Electric Panini GrillNon Stick Electric Panini Grill
                  • Non Stick Electric Panini GrillNon Stick Electric Panini Grill
                  • Non Stick Electric Panini GrillNon Stick Electric Panini Grill

                  Non Stick Electric Panini Grill

                  Silen® is a professional leader China Non Stick Electric Panini Grill manufacturer with high quality and reasonable price. This Shanlun non stick electric panini grill is an electric grill equipment specially used for making panini sandwiches. It helps users make delicious panini sandwiches easily with features such as non-stick surface, electric operation, even heating, pressure-lid design and multi-function.

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                  Product Description

                  High quality Non Stick Electric Panini Grill is offered by China manufacturer Silen®. The Shanlun non stick electric panini grill helps users easily make delicious panini sandwiches and provides a convenient, efficient and reliable cooking experience. It has the following characteristics:
                  Non-stick coating: The baking pan has a non-stick coating that makes it difficult for ingredients to stick to the surface during cooking. The non-stick coating reduces friction between food and baking sheets, making food easier to remove and easier to clean.
                  Electric operation: Equipped with an electric motor to start and stop heating by pressing a push button switch. This design makes cooking easier and more convenient, eliminating the need to manually turn ingredients.
                  Lid design: It has an adjustable lid design that can be adjusted according to the size and thickness of the ingredients. With the right amount of pressure, ingredients can hold their shape during cooking and provide even heating.
                  Uniform heating: Equipped with a uniform heating system to ensure that the ingredients can be heated evenly to achieve the ideal grilling effect. This uniform heating can make the ingredients crispy on the outside and soft and waxy on the inside, enhancing the taste.
                  Multifunctional: It has a multifunctional design and can be used to grill other ingredients, such as meat, vegetables, fruits, etc. This adds variety and flexibility to your cooking.
                  Temperature control: Equipped with a temperature control function that can be adjusted according to the needs of the ingredients. This can control the cooking temperature and ensure that the ingredients are roasted to the ideal taste and doneness.
                  Safety design: It has safety design, such as anti-slip base, anti-scalding handle, etc., to ensure the safety of users.

                  Shanlun Non stick Electric Panini Grill Parameter (Specification)

                  Product Name Non stick Electric Panini Grill
                  Model SL-108 A
                  Brand Silen
                  Origin China
                  Features 1.Detachable 4-slice electric grill
                  2.Cool-touch safe handle
                  3.Oil drip design
                  4.Adjustable temperature control knob
                  5.Non-Stick coating for easy cleaning
                  6.Detachable plate,two sides all can be used:
                  7.one flat and one grill
                  8.Power on&ready lights
                  9.Skid-resistant feet
                  Power 220-240V 50/60Hz 2000W
                  Unit Size 36.4*36.8*17.9cm
                  Plate size 30*26cm
                  Unit Weight 4.75kg
                  color Red, white, black, silver or customized
                  Gift Box 41.5*21.5*40.5cm
                  Carton 45.2*42*43.7cm
                  Qty per ctn 2pcs/ctn
                  20’40’/40HQ 670/1300/1630

                  Shanlun Non stick Electric Panini Grill ’s Application

                  Shanlun's non stick electric panini grill has a wide range of applications, mainly including the following aspects:
                  Breakfast making: Make a hearty breakfast. You can use it to make panini sandwiches, combining ingredients such as bread, meat, vegetables and cheese, and then grilling them to form a crispy outside and soft and chewy inside, giving you a rich taste and a delicious breakfast.
                  Snack Making: Used for making snacks. You can use it to grill chicken nuggets, sausages, French fries and other snacks to add deliciousness to family gatherings or gatherings with friends.
                  Convenient and Fast: The non-stick electric panini grill features electric operation and even heating, which can complete cooking quickly, saving users time and energy. This makes it a useful little cooking appliance in the home kitchen.
                  Diverse cooking: In addition to traditional sandwiches, you can also be creative and make a variety of delicacies. You can try grilling fruits, vegetables, desserts, and more to create unique delicious meals for yourself and your family.
                  Food service establishments: In food service establishments, such as restaurants, cafes, etc., it is used to cook panini sandwiches and other snacks to provide customers with delicious fast food options.

                  Shanlun Non stick Electric Panini Grill’s Details

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