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                  Smokeless Contact Grill
                  • Smokeless Contact GrillSmokeless Contact Grill
                  • Smokeless Contact GrillSmokeless Contact Grill
                  • Smokeless Contact GrillSmokeless Contact Grill

                  Smokeless Contact Grill

                  Silen® is a leading China Smokeless Contact Grill manufacturer, supplier and exporter. This Shanlun smokeless contact grill is a cooking device that can reduce the smoke generated during the baking process. Traditional barbecue methods usually produce a large amount of smoke, which not only affects people's vision and respiratory health, but also may pollute the surrounding environment. This equipment uses special design and technical means to effectively reduce the smoke generated during the baking process, thus avoiding the above problems.

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                  Product Description

                  Silen® is a professional leader China Smokeless Contact Grill manufacturer with high quality and reasonable price. Shanlun smokeless contact grill has the following features:
                  Smoke-free and environmentally friendly: special design and technical means are used to effectively reduce the smoke generated during the baking process. It is not affected by weather and seasons. You can enjoy delicious barbecue even in the cold winter. It has good practicality and avoids Understand the impact of smoke on the environment and human health
                  Rapid heating: Using high-temperature rapid baking technology, the ingredients can be quickly heated to the appropriate temperature and the baking time can be shortened. This can not only improve work efficiency, but also maintain the freshness and taste of ingredients.
                  Uniform heating: Uniform heating can ensure that all parts of the ingredients are heated evenly, and the baked food has a consistent color and a better taste.
                  Grease separation: Equipped with a special grease collector or oil pan, it can effectively separate the grease released by food ingredients and avoid smoke and oil pollution caused by dripping grease.
                  Temperature control: It has a temperature control function that can be adjusted according to the needs of different ingredients to ensure the appropriate temperature for baking the ingredients and avoid overcooking or undercooking.
                  Multi-functional application: Equipped with multiple cooking modes and functions, it can grill all kinds of ingredients, such as meat, seafood, vegetables, etc., to meet the needs of different tastes.

                  Shanlun smokeless Contact Grill Parameter (Specification)

                  Product Name smokeless contact grill
                  Model SL-106 A
                  Brand Silen
                  Origin China
                  Features 1.2-slice panini grill
                  2.Non-stick coating plate for easy cleaning
                  3.Power on & ready lights
                  4.Open 90&180 degree as open grill
                  5.Adjustable temperature
                  Power 220-240V 50/60Hz 800-1000W
                  Unit Size 27.7x22.4x9.3cm
                  Upper Plate size 23x14.5x9cm
                  Lower Plate size 24.55x14.5x9cm
                  Unit Weight 1.27kg
                  color Red, white, black, silver or customized
                  Gift Box 30.8*10.5*24.5cm
                  Carton 65.5*32.3*36cm
                  Qty per ctn 6pcs/ctn
                  20’40/40HQ 3000/6240/7140

                  Shanlun smokeless Contact Grill ’s Application

                  Shanlun's smokeless contact grill is suitable for a variety of scenarios, mainly including the following aspects:
                  Home Use: Use at home to provide your family with delicious barbecue enjoyment. It can be used indoors or outdoors, is not restricted by weather and seasons, and is convenient and practical.
                  Catering industry: It is widely used in the catering industry. For example, bars, restaurants, cafeterias and other places can use smokeless barbecue machines to provide customers with a unique barbecue experience while reducing the impact of smoke on the environment and customers.
                  Commercial Display: Used for commercial display events or food fairs. Its smoke-free feature allows viewers to watch the barbecue process more clearly, while also keeping the display area clean and comfortable.
                  Outdoor BBQ: This equipment is portable and lightweight, suitable for barbecue activities in the wild. For example, in camping, picnics, outings and other occasions, smokeless barbecue machines can provide convenient barbecue solutions and make outdoor activities more enjoyable.
                  Public places: This device is also suitable for some public places with restrictions on smoke, such as indoor entertainment venues, near office buildings, etc. It can reduce smoke production, keep the air fresh, and avoid disturbance and health effects to others.

                  Shanlun smokeless Contact Grill’s Details

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