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How to use a small handheld garment steamer?


A small handheld garment steamer is a portable ironing device, usually used for wrinkle removal and ironing of daily clothing. Here are the simple steps to use a small handheld garment steamer:

Preparation: First, plug the garment steamer into the power socket and wait for a while until the garment steamer is preheated.

Filling with water: Most small handheld garment steamers require water to work properly. Therefore, open the water tank cover and pour in clean water before use, but do not exceed the maximum water level.

Start the garment steamer: Turn on the switch of the garment steamer and wait for a moment until the garment steamer reaches the appropriate operating temperature.

Garment ironing clothes: When the garment ironing machine is preheated, you can start garment ironing. Hang the clothes that need to be ironed under the garment steamer, and then use the garment steamer to gently spray steam from top to bottom to iron the clothes, ensuring that the steam evenly covers the entire surface of the clothes.

Precautions: When using the garment steamer, keep an appropriate distance between the garment steamer and the clothes to avoid scalding the clothes or skin. In addition, pay attention to avoid the garment steamer spraying on the power cord or itself to avoid safety accidents.

Ending operation: When the garment steamer is finished, turn off the switch of the garment steamer, wait for the garment steamer to cool down, pour out the remaining water, clean the surface of the garment steamer, and store the garment steamer in a dry and ventilated place.

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