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                  Mini Breakfast Sandwich Maker
                  • Mini Breakfast Sandwich MakerMini Breakfast Sandwich Maker
                  • Mini Breakfast Sandwich MakerMini Breakfast Sandwich Maker
                  • Mini Breakfast Sandwich MakerMini Breakfast Sandwich Maker

                  Mini Breakfast Sandwich Maker

                  Silen® is China manufacturer and supplier who mainly produces Mini Breakfast Sandwich Maker with many years of experience. Shanlun mini breakfast sandwich maker is a small kitchen appliance specially used to make mini-sized breakfast sandwiches. Featuring fast heating and even heating, you can make hot and crispy breakfast sandwiches in a short time.

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                  Product Description

                  Find a huge selection of Mini Breakfast Sandwich Maker from China at Silen®. Shanlun mini breakfast sandwich maker has the following features:
                  Compact and Portable: Small size makes it easy to carry and store. It doesn't take up much kitchen space and can be used anytime and anywhere, such as in the office, dormitory, or while camping.
                  Fast heating: Equipped with high-power heating elements, it can heat ingredients quickly. It can heat bread, meat, cheese and other ingredients to the ideal state in a short time, saving time and efficiency.
                  Uniform heating: Reasonable design ensures that ingredients are heated evenly. The heating plate usually has good heat conduction properties, so that the entire sandwich can be heated evenly, preventing the ingredients from being overcooked or undercooked in parts.
                  Multifunctional use: In addition to making breakfast sandwiches, it can also be used to make small scones, omelettes, hot dogs and other snacks. It has the versatility to suit different tastes.
                  Thermostatic control: Equipped with thermostatic control function, it can make food more delicious.
                  Easy to clean: It has a non-stick coating surface, making it difficult for food to stick to the heating plate and making it easy to clean. The cooking plate can also be removed for more thorough cleaning.

                  Shanlun mini breakfast sandwich maker Parameter (Specification)

                  Product Name mini breakfast sandwich maker
                  Model SL-615
                  Brand Silen
                  Origin China
                  Features 1.2-slice sandwich maker
                  2.Non-stick coating plate: Grill,Triangle,Waffle,Donuts,Nuts, Micky mouse, Hotdog
                  3.Special heat element design for more efficient heating
                  4.Thermostatically controlled
                  5.ONE pilot lights: power&ready
                  6.Cool touch housing Skid-resistant feet
                  Power 220-240V50/60Hz 750W
                  Unit Size 23*23.1*7.5cm
                  Plate Size 21.6*12.2cm
                  Unit Weight 1.2kg
                  color Red, white, black, silver or customized
                  Gift Box 24.5*11.5*25.5cm
                  Carton 59.5*26.5*52cm
                  Qty per ctn 10pcs/ctn
                  20’/40’/40HQ 3450/7010/8430

                  Shanlun mini breakfast sandwich maker’s Application

                  Shanlun Mini Breakfast Sandwich Maker has a wide range of application scenarios, mainly including the following aspects:
                  Family Breakfast: Perfect for the family, especially for busy mornings, it quickly whips up a delicious breakfast sandwich. Not only can it be used to make classic ham and cheese sandwiches, but other ingredients can also be added according to personal taste, such as vegetables, bacon, eggs, etc., providing more choices for the family.
                  Student Dormitory: It is a very useful kitchen appliance for students living in student dormitories or small apartments. It does not take up much space and can easily make a nutritious breakfast to fill the empty stomachs of students in their busy lives.
                  Office Lunch: Suitable for office settings. It helps office workers make quick and easy lunches in the office without having to rely on takeout or expensive lunches out. Just bring the ingredients you need to the office and whip up a delicious sandwich anytime.
                  Camping and Picnic: Its portability makes it ideal for camping and picnicking. It can be powered by a mains plug or battery and can be heated without gas. For outdoor activities, use the Mini Breakfast Sandwich Maker to make hot, crispy sandwiches to make breakfast or lunch even more delicious.

                  Shanlun mini breakfast sandwich maker’s Details

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