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                  Electric Sandwich Maker
                  • Electric Sandwich MakerElectric Sandwich Maker
                  • Electric Sandwich MakerElectric Sandwich Maker
                  • Electric Sandwich MakerElectric Sandwich Maker

                  Electric Sandwich Maker

                  Silen® is a professional leader China Electric Sandwich Maker manufacturer with high quality and reasonable price. This Shanlun electric sandwich maker has the functions of rapid heating and constant temperature control. Features non-stick coating for easy cleaning. It is also equipped with a non-slip base and a safety locking device to ensure stability and safety during use. It is a practical and multi-functional kitchen appliance.

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                  Product Description

                  High quality Electric Sandwich Maker is offered by China manufacturer Silen®. Shanlun electric sandwich maker is a small appliance specially used for making sandwiches. It consists of two heatable metal plates and has the function of rapid heating. Users simply place slices of bread on the base of the machine and add desired fillings such as lettuce, meat, cheese or sauce. Then place another slice of bread on top of the stuffing, close the lid and start the machine. The metal plate is heated, toasting the bread slices while also heating the fillings, resulting in a hot, crispy and delicious sandwich. The following are the main parameters and features of our electric sandwich maker:

                  Shanlun Electric Sandwich Maker Parameter (Specification)

                  Product Name Electric Sandwich Maker
                  Model SL-219
                  Brand Silen
                  Origin China
                  Features 1.4-slice sandwich maker
                  2.Non-stick coating plate: triangle,waffle.grill
                  3.12 slices of donuts,16 slices of donuts
                  4.Thermostatically controlled
                  5.ONE pilot lights: power&ready
                  6.Cool touch housing,Skid-resistant feet
                  Power 220-240V 50/60Hz1400W
                  Unit Size 26.5*31.3*8.9cm
                  Plate Size 25.5*21.5cm
                  Unit Weight 1.9kg
                  color Red, white, black, silver or customized
                  Gift Box 28.6*10.8*33.2cm
                  Carton 45.2*30*35.7cm
                  Qty per ctn 4pcs/ctn
                  20’/40’/40HQ 2208/4604/5100

                  Shanlun Electric Sandwich Maker’s Application

                  Shanlun's electric sandwich maker is a convenient small kitchen appliance that can be used to make sandwiches of various flavors. Its application range is very wide, the following are some common application scenarios:
                  Breakfast making: Our electric sandwich maker is perfect for making a quick and healthy breakfast. You can spread butter, jam, sauce, etc. on the bread slices, add ham, vegetables, cheese and other ingredients, then put it in the sandwich machine to heat, and you can enjoy a delicious sandwich in a few minutes.
                  Afternoon tea snacks: In the afternoon or evening, you can use the electric sandwich maker to make some snacks as tea snacks, such as cheese sandwiches, Italian sandwiches, grilled chicken sandwiches, etc., and pair them with a cup of tea or coffee to add spice to life.
                  Party Treats: If you’re hosting a small party at home, an electric sandwich maker can be a handy treat tool. You can prepare a variety of ingredients, let your guests choose their favorite combinations, and quickly create delicious sandwiches.
                  Creative cooking: In addition to traditional sandwiches, the electric sandwich machine can also be used to make some creative dishes, such as grilled vegetable rolls, pancake rolls, etc. By changing the ingredients and combinations and using your imagination, you can make more delicious and creative dishes.
                  In general, our electric sandwich maker has a very wide range of applications. It can not only meet the needs of three daily meals, but also improve the taste and appearance of the food to a certain extent, adding fun to your family life.

                  Shanlun Electric Sandwich Maker’s Details

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