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                  Electric Donut Maker
                  • Electric Donut MakerElectric Donut Maker
                  • Electric Donut MakerElectric Donut Maker
                  • Electric Donut MakerElectric Donut Maker

                  Electric Donut Maker

                  As the professional manufacturer, Silen® would like to provide you Electric Donut Maker. This Shanlun electric donut maker is an electrically driven baking device used to make donuts. The advantage lies in its efficiency and convenience. Our donut machine can make large quantities of donuts faster than traditional hand-made donuts. It also delivers consistent quality and shape, ensuring every donut bakes evenly.

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                  Product Description

                  Find a huge selection of Electric Donut Maker from China at Silen®. Shanlun's electric donut maker makes donut making more convenient, efficient and diversified through electrification and intelligence. It is suitable for different occasions and needs, providing users with a convenient tool for making delicious donuts. It has the following characteristics:
                  1. Automated production: Our donut machine is equipped with an electric drive device and an automatic control system to automate the entire production process.
                  2. Efficient and fast: Due to the use of electric drive device, the electric donut maker can make donuts faster, which greatly improves the production efficiency.
                  3. Temperature control system: Equipped with a precise constant temperature control system to accurately control the heating temperature to ensure that the donuts are baked at the appropriate temperature.
                  4. Easy to use: Our electric donut machine is easy to operate and equipped with an intuitive control panel and buttons. Users only need to follow the prompts to complete the making process.
                  5. Safety and hygiene: Our design considers food safety and hygiene requirements, and is manufactured with non-stick coating and food-grade materials, making it easy to clean and maintain. At the same time, it is equipped with safety protection measures, such as overheating protection function, anti-skid function, etc.

                  Shanlun Electric Donut Maker Parameter (Specification)

                  Product Name Electric Donut Maker
                  Model SL-205-2
                  Brand Silen
                  Origin China
                  Features 1.Thermostatically controlled
                  2.ONE pilot light
                  3.Cool touch housing
                  4.Non-stick coating plate
                  5.Skid-resistant feet
                  Power 220-240V 50/60Hz 800W-1000W
                  Unit Size 20.2x26.5x9.6cm
                  Plate diameter 20cm
                  Unit Weight 1.3kgs
                  color Red, white, black, silver or customized
                  Gift Box 24X13X31.5 cm
                  Carton 66.5X25.5X64cm
                  Qty per ctn 10pcs/ctn
                  20’/40’/40HQ 2700/5400/6480

                  Shanlun Electric Donut Maker ’s Application

                  Shanlun's electric donut maker can be applied to various commercial and personal scenarios. Whether it is for commercial or home use, it can provide convenient, efficient and diversified donut making. The specific application scenarios are as follows:
                  Catering industry: It can be used in restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries and other catering places to provide fresh donuts made on site to meet customers' needs for desserts.
                  Commercial chain stores: Many fast food chains, dessert chains and other commercial chains can use electric donut machines for mass production to ensure stable supply and product quality.
                  Hotel banquet: It can be used in hotel banquets, buffets and other occasions to provide guests with fresh and hot donuts, adding to the food selection and fun of the banquet.
                  Family use: You can make donuts at home and enjoy the fun of homemade desserts, and you can also customize them according to your family's taste preferences.

                  Shanlun Electric Donut Maker’s Details

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