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                  5 in 1 Sandwich Maker
                  • 5 in 1 Sandwich Maker5 in 1 Sandwich Maker
                  • 5 in 1 Sandwich Maker5 in 1 Sandwich Maker
                  • 5 in 1 Sandwich Maker5 in 1 Sandwich Maker
                  • 5 in 1 Sandwich Maker5 in 1 Sandwich Maker
                  • 5 in 1 Sandwich Maker5 in 1 Sandwich Maker
                  • 5 in 1 Sandwich Maker5 in 1 Sandwich Maker
                  • 5 in 1 Sandwich Maker5 in 1 Sandwich Maker

                  5 in 1 Sandwich Maker

                  As the professional manufacturer, Silen® would like to provide you 5 in 1 Sandwich Maker. This Shanlun 5 in 1 sandwich maker is a kitchen appliance that integrates multiple functions into one, allowing users to complete multiple cooking tasks on the same machine, which is very convenient and practical. Whether you want to make sandwiches, omelettes, grilled meats, toast or something else, you can do it all with the same device. Not only does this save space in the kitchen, it also reduces the cost of purchasing and storing multiple separate appliances.

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                  Product Description

                  Find a huge selection of 5 in 1 Sandwich Maker from China at Silen®. The features of Shanlun 5 in 1 sandwich maker mainly include the following aspects:
                  Versatility: It integrates multiple functions, such as making sandwiches, omelettes, grilling meat, toasting bread, etc., and can complete a variety of cooking tasks with one device. This versatility saves kitchen space and reduces the hassle of using multiple single-function kitchen appliances.
                  Convenient operation: The design is simple and easy to use, and users can easily switch between different cooking modes. This convenient operation method allows users to get started quickly and enjoy the cooking process more happily.
                  Rapid heating: It has the characteristics of rapid heating and can reach the required temperature in a short time, so it can complete the cooking task quickly and save time.
                  Easy to clean: Made with anti-stick coating and can be removed. This design makes cleaning more convenient and faster, and maintenance is easier.
                  Beautiful appearance, stable structure: Beautiful appearance, stable structure and long service life, it can become a beautiful scenery in the kitchen.

                  Shanlun 5 in 1 sandwich maker Parameter (Specification)

                  Product Name 5 in 1 sandwich maker
                  Model SL-206(5-in-1)
                  Brand Silen
                  Origin China
                  Features 1.2-slice detachable sandwich maker
                  2.Non-stick coating plate: grill,triangle.waffle,donut,horseshoe,nut,hotdog
                  3.Thermostatically controlled
                  4.ONE pilot lights: power&ready
                  5.Cool touch housing,Skid-resistant feet
                  Power 220-240V 50/60Hz 850W
                  Unit Size 23.75*23.65*9.05cm
                  Plate Size 21.9*12.7cm
                  Unit Weight 2.65kg
                  color Red, white, black, silver or customized
                  Gift Box 26*14*32.5cm
                  Carton 72*27.5*67cm
                  Qty per ctn 10pcs/ctn
                  20’/40’/40HQ 1960/4070/5125

                  Shanlun 5 in 1 sandwich maker’s Application

                  The applications of Shanlun's 5 in 1 sandwich machine are very diverse, mainly including the following aspects:
                  Make Sandwiches: One of the most basic functions is making sandwiches. It can combine bread slices, ham, cheese, vegetables and other ingredients together, and quickly make delicious sandwiches by heating and squeezing them.
                  Omelette and pancakes: Often equipped with a flat-bottomed baking pan, which can be used to fry eggs, fried poached eggs, pancakes, etc., adding a variety of options to breakfast.
                  Grilled meats and fish: The baking tray of the 5-in-1 sandwich maker is also suitable for grilled meats and fish. You can cook chicken, beef, fish and more on it to create delicious grilled meat or grilled fish.
                  Toast bread and biscuits: Can be used to bake bread slices, rolls, biscuits, etc., making breakfast more diverse.
                  Other cooking methods: In addition to the common uses mentioned above, the 5 in 1 sandwich maker can also be used to fry food, heat snacks, and even make small portions of pizza.

                  Shanlun 5 in 1 sandwich maker’s Details

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